Thursday, January 3, 2008


Maybe Not

Da kickin’ back, like all good tings, need to come to an end. It’ January da third an’ time now to get back to work. Gotta make me some money. Got my eye on a fine ol’ Harley dat TT Broussard just finish restorin’. Dat’s one nice bike, flame paint job, lotsa chrome, big ol' buddy seat, leatha saddle bags. Da nine yards.

Dupree say dat Colleen betta not fin’ out dat I’m plannin’ on buying dat bike. He says Colleen’ll raise Cain an he also say dere ain’ no doubt dat dat woman is able. Dat’s da troot, but I cain’ let a woman tell me how to live life.

Still, I could might think it ova before buyin’ da machine.

Dat’s what I tink, me.

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