Wednesday, April 16, 2008

# 16 (over the hump)

Campin' On The Back Porch

The damn old air conditioner broke
on the hottest of hot August nights
so out to the porch with a blowup mattress
was our plan for getting some sleep

There was something odd about the arrangement
perhaps it was the matresses's strange humpback
at any rate comfort was definitely lacking
but, what the hell, I still tried for some sleep

Tossing and turning while thoroughly miserable
finally, after hours, yielded to a fitful sleep
that was 'til my sweetie rose to go to the john
and the mattress flipped over and dumped me out

It seems she had inflated it upside down
and when she got up it went topsy-turvy
I dragged weary bones back to the bedroom
where I sweated out the night with conditionless air

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