Monday, April 28, 2008

# 28

For Phil *

He's with me today
in Lowcountry SC
cast net twirling,
blossoming, floating out
over salt marsh waters
fetching dinner,
shrimp tonight

Tomorrow it will be
a string and chicken neck
catching Atlantic blue crabs
fat jimmies and sookies
for the boiling pot
and our tummies

Then we'll fish
casting lures for
spot tail bass
or sea trout,
we'll fish
a Carolina rig
for flounder

Phil hasn't left;
he'll be with me
every time I shrimp
or crab or fish
and he'll darn well
bring me luck

My friend and fellow poet Phil Rader was born and raised in the South Carolina Lownountry near Charleston. Either John's or James' Island. I live on Lady's Island. Phil passed on last week but his great spirit stays with me in SC.

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