Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas Mouse

On Christmas Eve

The children worry about Santa Claus
they truly want to please Saint Nick
so with their Mama they’ll bake away
to have a plentitude of Christmas cheer

They’ll leave their cookies on the hearth
along with a big glass of ice cold milk
then silently I will steal down the stairs
to make sure those gifts are well recieved

When all the ice cold milk is drunk
and fresh the baked cookies devoured
I’ll leave another gift upon the hearth
for our wee Christmas Eve visitor

A thimble full of spiked egg nog
some crumbs left over from the cookies
a gift of warmth and cheer for a small friend
our mouse who always comes on Christmas eve


Martin Heavisides said...

He'll be pleased to know you're thinking of him. Best of the season, Gerry.

GC SMITH said...

And to you Martin. Merry Christmas.