Friday, December 28, 2007

In Savanna GA is Bonaventure

In Bonaventure Cemetery one is supposed to bring a flask and stemmed glasses and have an early morning Martini at Johnny Mercer's grave. Did you?

Also, the best tombstone epitaph ever is:


Voodoo stuff is purported to go on in Bonaventure. But the infamous practitioner Dr. Buzzard is buried over here in South Carolina near where I live.

Lowcountry Summer’s Night

Summertime in the garden of good and evil
Midnight mugg descends upon the revelers
Geechee women dance among the tombstones
And shout ungodly imprecations to the heavens

Voodoo man, eagle feather in his green derby
Mixes potions to be used for casting spells
He mumbles mumbo-jumbo as he stirs
The dark elixirs to send his enemies to hell

Jagged lightning slashes across midnight skies
Pounding drumbeats speak a secret language
The dancing women tear their clothes away
Then reach upward toward the sky and scream

The women’s screams rise to crescendo
As the black night receives their vile prayers
Asking satanic Gods to weigh in with their powers
To make voodoo spells and potions work

Summertime in the garden of good and evil
Root medicine is used for dirty work
Spells are cast and lives are set a roil
Wracked with agonies of voodoo curse

Meanwhile on the other side of the garden
A sweet young woman waits for her lover
Tonight they will lay down upon a blanket
To consummate their love and that is good

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