Thursday, December 27, 2007

Tiger? Vampire? or ???

He Waits For You
By GC Smith

Shoulders hunched, joints flexed, he moves silently, stealthily forward. His eyes fix on you. His nostrils flare. Your hot woman scent fills his olfactory sense. It enflames him. His eyes follow your every move. Saliva wets his lips as your scent wafts pheromones that stoke his lust. You, in all your innocence believe that your world is safe. You do not know what fate awaits. He watches as you enter the temporary safety of your shelter. He will remain hidden, waiting. Days and nights may pass, but those days and nights will not test his resolve. He will have you.

Diamond dew drops sparkle on blades of jungle grass as the sun comes from the eastern horizon. Night black gives way to day's light. Stars fade. Moon recedes. He remains silent, hidden in the tall grasses. Voices come to him from within the compound. The booming bass of a male. Youthful laughter. Then the melodious lilt of your voice. You, his chosen one, the object of his solitary surveillance. You, his desire and his need. You will leave the safety of the compound. You will come to the spring to fetch the cold, clear water. He will be near. Waiting.

He fades back and hunkers down in the underbrush. His eyes burn bright. He concentrates, sensing that it is you who comes. He sniffs the air, though he knows that you must pass by before he catches the woman scent that roils his blood . Your footsteps come close. Now, you appear, tall and proud, walking with your shoulders back, firm breasts prominent. He salivates. A bright cloth wraps your waist. Thighs flash as your cover moves with the breeze. You pass and your scent wafts back to him. He tenses his every muscle in anticipation of feeding. Soon. Momentarily.


Casdok said...

Wow! Loved it!

GC SMITH said...

Good. Thank you.

Martin Heavisides said...

This piece holds up well. I've tried this once or twice myself--bringing on a sense of unease, even horror, purely by suggestion, rhythm and echo.

GC SMITH said...

Thanks M.