Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Cookin' this stuff today

Basic Creole Sauce

Looking for some good eating.
If you have some shrimp. Or some fish. Or scallops. Or mussels. Or any combination of this stuff. Here's what you want to do.
In a heavy pot:

Fry 1 lb. Of bacon until crisp
Remove bacon

Sauté 3 lbs of strong sliced yellow onions and a couple of sliced green bell peppers in the bacon drippings until the stuff is limp and the onions are opaque

Add to the peppers/onions mix:

Three cans of diced tomatoes
Two small cans of tomato paste
One 12 oz. can of V-8 juice (or tomato juice).

Stir around some and add:

Several tablespoons of fresh ground black pepper
6-8 cloves of pressed garlic
many shakes of Worcestershire Sauce
Several shakes of Tabasco sauce
Some salt (not much)
1 short tablespoon of granulated sugar

Crumble the bacon and toss that in the pot.

Bring the whole mess to a boil while stirring.

Cover, simmer for several hours

This stuff grows with time so it's best if reheated and served the next day. When very hot add several pounds of peeled shrimp or firm white fish, or scallops, or mussels, or all of that stuff and cook until done. About five minutes.

Serve over boiled white rice.

A crusty loaf of bread and a chilled Savignon Blanc goes good with this Creole dish.

I love this stuff, me. Yeah man, I truly do. So will you.

Laissez le bon temps rouler.

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