Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Founding Father

George's Busy Life

Chompin' cherries with wooden dentures isn't any fun. Red stains on white painted teeth can make a man blue. Hey, red, white, and blue, great colors for the new flag. I'll have Martha talk to Betsy about that at next week's Mahjong party. Speaking of Betsy this G.W. sure would like to sleep there. Ah, to rest my weary head on that lush bosom. But, if Martha ever found out she's have my hide and I'd be in for even more shoeless camping in the snow. It would lead to disaster. A failed revolution. I can't afford that, not with Lafayette coming to meet about forming the Escadrille with 'mercan pilots (more than a century ahead of it's time). I'd better go and powder the wig now before meeting time. Lord knows a man can never look too good.


Martin Heavisides said...

Based on extensive research no doubt. Cheers, Gerry, and best of luck with bringing down the weight.

GC SMITH said...

Scholarly lad like me there can be no doubt.