Friday, December 14, 2007

I Won't Climb That Mountain

I don't know 'bout no muses
Livin' up on upon that mountain
Eating feta cheese and olives

Them muses always did elude me
Leave me to my own devises
For writin' prose or verse

Screw 'em all is what I say
I don't need muses any day
To tell me where my words lay

Why listen to Greeks, I'm Irish
Blessed with the precious gift, blarney
That comes straight from the stone

I'll not climb Parnassus's heights
To commune with ancient muses
I'll find the poetic strophes myself

With verses skipping rhyme or reason
Nonsense prose for my amusement
I'll please my self without a muse



Sherry Allyn Norman said...

Those muses can be difficult creatures, can they not?

You have a lovely blog going, Gerry.


GC said...

Thanks Sherry.