Monday, November 5, 2007


Going back some sixty years
I walk Blackie on his leash
That is until he saw the cat
Then all hell broke loose

I was a kid of just five years,
that dog weighed more than I
With the leash around my wrist
There is no way to get me free

Down I went onto my knees
As Blackie chased that cat
I bounced behind Blackie's tail
Ker-bump, ker-thwack, like that

The cat went racing up a tree
Blackie slid to a full stop
To whine and howl at being foiled
While me, I howled with pain

I was skinned from head to toe
My clothes were ripped to shreds
I got untangled from the leash
And turned and ran toward home

Painted up with Mercurochrome
I licked on a chocolate ice cream cone
While sitting on the porch to wait
For old Blackie to come home

'cause you see, I didn't blame him
For doing what a dog must do
When tempted by a kitty cat
I'd chase it, wouldn't you?

Alt ending:

When tempted by a pussy
I'd chase it, wouldn't you?

published in Lamoille Lamantations

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