Tuesday, November 27, 2007

comedy - tragedy and sum-bitch

Comedy -- Tragedy

Is my conceit
full comedy
of the fool?

Ah, but the fool
can make dark days light
and maybe worth the living.

Should there be no fool
that could indeed be tragic
'cause we need respite from the dark

If I lose what
I never found,
is that tragedy?

If I look and look
and finally find nothing,
comedy will have been my life

But perhaps I'll stumble
upon something worthwhile
and avoid comedy or tragedy

Perhaps I'm simple enough
not to know what's comedy or tragedy,
perhaps I'll wander through life not knowing


Sum-bitch slipped the hook
while I was gathering wool
stripped bait and swam away
left me standing here the fool

I know that he was very large
that fish what shook the hook
'cause ripples in the water
keep expanding as I look

So I guess my tonight's supper
is beef jerky from a box
it sure won't be that salmon
smoked, sliced thin as lox

'cause, that sum-bitch got away,
it's still swimming up the stream
where it will live another day
to spawn young to take my bait

Those offspring fish won't get away,
I'll pay atention to what I do
when those fish come back to spawn
I'll damn sure catch me one or two


Maxine said...

Thanks for writing this.

GC SMITH said...

You're welcome. I'm surprisedthat you went back a year in these blog posts.