Monday, November 19, 2007

Travelin' tommorrow

so I put this up early.

by G. C. Smith

November an' Tanksgivin's a-comin'. We gonna have us a feast, yes siree. About two days before da Tanksgivin' dinner I go out to the coop, me. Select a big ole fat turkey, an' a plump duck, an' a roastin' chicken. Chop they head off, me. Den I debone dem buggers, 'ceptin' for they wangs, an' dey legs, an' dey thighs. I take an' shove da duck inna turkey and da chicken in da duck. Gonna be tasty.

Now, dat main feast o' poultry ain' quite ready for da oven yet. Gotta stuff him. Tink I'll use dirty rice and boudin wit some chop mudbug tail meat for da stuffin'. Cousin Jacques got him a Lafittte skiff and he kin get me some oyster. Shove dat fat mollusk meat up the part of da chicken dat go over da fence last and nestle it deep in da rice and sausage stuffin'.

Now we got what da CA-jun folk call da "turducken". Take a lot a slicin' trough alla dat meat and stuffin'' to finally get to da special treat. But it's gonna be wurt dat trouble. Ow-whee, I'm gonna enjoy dem succulent oyster, me. Wash him down wit a glass a homemade wine. Might even share some wit da wife, and da granfolk, an' da kids an' da cousins. Maybee.

Happy Cajun Tanksgiving -- stay well. Laissier les bon temps rouler.


Been hangin' at LeBlanc's place for 'bout forty eight-forty nine years now an' I seen plenty, me. Drunk Cajun boys fightin' over the flirty girlies, not ta mention da fights over da cards. An' I seen plenty o' ol' men in here sittin' an' sippin' their long neck Jax, dem guys long past their fightin' days.

In da back room there's a game goin' on mos alla' da time. Bouree, cajun five card game wit trump cards an' tricks. Times da stakes get way up high and da boys are tempted to cheat some. Dem's da times if you gonna play Bouree in LeBlanc's back room you betta unsnap the haft o' dat thin blade fish knife you allas wear on your belt, 'cause, boy, you juss might gonna need dat knife, maybe.

I been in dem card games plenty, but I ain' goin' near dat back room no mo', me. Gonna sit at da bar wit da ol' guys and sip my Jax real quiet like.

I'm way past dem fightin' days, me.


Maryanne Stahl said...

Do you REALLY eat Turducken on Thanksgiving?

GC SMITH said...

Heck no. I think I'd sick up.

Jeff said...

Ha, the chicken in the duck and the duck in the turkey. Unreal! I've gotta try that!

Jeff said...

........and no racin' for awhile. Aw @#$%! Go Tony.

GC SMITH said...

Somebody doesn't start beating Hendrick's boys soon NASCAR might as well fold. Ah well, maybe next year for Tony in a Gibbs rice burner.

GC SMITH said...

Turducken' are for real, but too rich for me.