Thursday, November 22, 2007

I'm in Galveston and winter winds are wistling in from the Gulf of Mexico.

Wantin' Winter's Winds

'effen springtime with damn perfection
flowers bloomin' like pastel confection
I'm waiting patiently for winter's freezin'
where I'll wallow in misery beyond all reason.

G.D. summer sure is a bummer
not a thing could be dumber
than a ninety-eight degree number
where we all sweat and cannot slumber.

Fall is for what we wait
it's the portal, it's the gate
time which I think is great
prelude to winter, don't be late

Huffing and puffing
winds a howling
winter's absolutely where it's at
and that my friends simply is that.

Believe this baloney and I'll tell you more.

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