Thursday, November 15, 2007

Don't get caught by winter

My Winter Solstice

I don't give a hoot if it snows or freezes
an' I sure don't need no dashboard Jesus,
I got me goodies laid up for the cold days.

I threw the net and caught me lots of shrimp.
I set the traps and caught me lots of crabs.
I bagged those goodies and stored 'em in my freezer.

There's bottles of wine lying on their sides,
beer in the extra fridge in the garage outside,
a litre of Irish whiskey for coldest of cold nights.

I don't care about the sunshine shortened days
my home is warm and I'm fixed up for winter,
cold times to come don't hold any fear for me.

That's why I don't give a hoot if it snows and freezes,
why I know that I don't need no plastic Jesus,
time has treated me good and I'm all set for winter.

But there are other folk that ain't so lucky
and I hope the winter will be short and mild
and springtime thaw comes soon again for them.

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