Thursday, November 29, 2007

Shakespeare never ...

Hey Bartender
a sonnet

If there was a talking dog by golly
Such a dog as that would sure be a gas
A big old dog perhaps a merle Aussie
He'd help me get free beer poured in my glass
On the club barstool I'd set down my ass
Wager with you barkeep for a pint of cheer
I'd tell you man my dog has got some sass
That I'd bet that you would surely want to hear
I'd surely wager much, much more than beer
For less than a hundred bucks I'd damn well balk
Cash on the bartop and doggies fans to cheer
For me to get that Aussie pup to talk.
Cause I may be stupid, damn I may be dumb
But come to wager bucks my brain ain't numb

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