Tuesday, November 6, 2007

On Poetic Muses

I Won't Climb That Mountain

I don't know 'bout no muses
Livin' up on upon that mountain
Eating feta cheese and olives

Them muses always do elude me
They leave me to my own devises
For writin' deathless lines of verse

Screw 'em all is what I say
I don't need no muses any day
To tell me where the good words lay

Why listen to the Greeks; I'm Irish
Blessed with the gift of blarney
Come straight from the stone to me

I'll not climb Parnassus's heights
To commune with any ancient muses
I'll find my poetic words myself

With verses skipping rhyme or reason
Nonsense stuff penned purely for my amusement
I'll darn well please myself without a muse


This one is an oldie that I resurrected.

A-muse-ing Pals
by GC. Smith

I am surrounded with my pals
They help me think to write
They silently encourage me
And help me find the words

First is my Teddy bear
With lotsa soft brown hair
And a great big pink tongue
With which to lick at honey

Then there’s Spike, my doggy
Spotted black and white
You better treat him nice
Or he will bite your ass

After Spike is my gargoyle
Who sits atop my desk
Watches carefully over me
My humpback friend for sure

My raven is made of tin
But I know that he’s alive
That raven does inspire
Amusing Poe-tic muse is he

They are all my good pals
Who help me when I write
And if I didn’t have them
It would be a sadder life

When I finish with writing
I go and whirl in the tub
With yellow rubber ducky
Who’s been with me forever


Jim Murdoch said...

Glad to see you're still kicking against the traces.

I've been reading a lot of late, people comparing so-called inspired writing to sloggin' it out with your typewriter. I like your approach to the subject matter. Very Southern.

Al Jazeerah English Edition said...

Hey GC, it's great to find your blog again. Best Regards, Jeff Rose

GC SMITH said...

Yup, still at it. I like things Southern (though I'm a transplanted Yankee).

Say hey to Carrie for me.

GC SMITH said...

Hey Jeff, good hearing from. I'll link your blog.