Monday, November 12, 2007


This or That

I could be a knight of old
doing daring deeds so bold
saving damsels from their fates
making sure dragon fire is quenched

Then, I could be an absolute horror
like tyrants Saddam, Pol Pot, or Hitler
committing heinous crimes against humanity
self justified as much needed for mankind

Or, perhaps, I could be a helping hand
extended toward others when they’re down
a hand outstretched to lend what’s needed
when dire straits rule someone’s life

But, I might just be a criminal in mufti
disguised perhaps as a man of the cloth
or as a leader of a gang of boy scouts
or perhaps a teacher ensconced in a school

Mankind, I know, wears many faces
some straight out showing one what one gets
others may hide behind a guise to fool you
it’s isn’t easy to know which is true

Yet we must sort good from bad
we must deal with our fellow man
we must avoid those who mean harm
accept others who’d be true friends

The sorting process is not easy
it takes separating words and deeds
it takes observing human nature
it takes an open yet cautious mind

So remember all the could have beens
when making choices concerning people
but in the end do not walk fearful
because you can figure out who is a friend

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