Thursday, November 15, 2007

Soup's on

Pasta Fazoole

Grab a big ol’ heavy cook pot
sauté one inch chunks of beef
with olive oil till they're brown

Now chop veggies for the pot
lots of celery, onion, an’ carrot
and cook for twenty minutes

Add 1 can of diced tomatoes
then one of drained red kidney beans
and another of drained white beans

Put in three cans of beef broth,
one can of plain tomato sauce,
a twelve oz can of V-8 juice

Then goodly shakes of Tabasco
an’ 6-8 ounces of good red wine
with four-five more for the cook

Spice up with two bay leafs, oregano,
an’ then a bunch of chopped parsley
with many grinds of fresh black pepper

Gotta simmer for two hours or more,
then toss in a pound of small shell pasta;
cook a bit, turn off, let it sit all afternoon.

Come suppertime just reheat and
serve with crusty French bread,
an’ Italian salad, and good red wine.

There, that’s Jerry’s pasta fazoole
A good old peasant dish updated;
cook it, eat it and say Yummy!


xoxo Ty said...

this just put a smile on my face!

GC SMITH said...

Good. Thanks.