Monday, November 5, 2007

Gone Mad

Who is to know which way is up
or, conversely, which way is down
in this world that's helter-skelter
miscombobulated the globe around

All is what not what it seems
even though you may read reams
of the discipline called logic
geared to prove comic isn't tragic

But dang, the Bard wrote topsy-turvy,
tragi-comic stuff so groovy
still current to the modern ear
but oft misinterperted, I fear

So what's today's poet to pen
that wasn't done as well then
back when chivilary was in flower
and fire breathin' dragons did glower

Maybe celebrate freedom's ring;
ah, but that bell has done got rung
no more will freedom at all be heard
because mankind corrupted that word

Alas, alack, I'm sorely put
to figure out what is what;
the world's confused, gone awry
and surely I do not know why

If I knew I'd try a fix
if for no reason but kicks
but I don't, my mind's empty;
vacant, a vacuum, lost to me

And you, do you have a clue,
about what mankind must do
to steer us all from there to here
so we won't have to rend our hair

I'd hazard me a guess
that even if you say yes
you'd not have the right prescription;
to right madness defies interdiction

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