Saturday, November 24, 2007

I'm in Layfayette LA this morning.

Cajun Gumbo

I row my pirogue on the bayou, me
and catch da crab and shrimp I need
'cause tonight I'll cook a seafood gumbo
to make you mouth water, yes indeed

First I'll make a dark brown roux
a medium flame is what it takes
stir flour an' oil through an' through
so's to make sure dat stuff don't burn

Now I boil a big pot of water, me
an' kick it up with a spice hand free
I toss in bay leaves and thyme an' salt
an', of course, five or so hot red chilies

Cook the crabs in the spicy water
then cook the shrimps in the same
then clean that seafood with a knife
an' set succulent meat aside for later

I take some onions and chop 'em fine
an' to that chopped garlic cloves, me
I won't forget to put in sliced okra chunks
that give the gumbo a thick rich body

A bunch of celery cut up small
chopped green pepper adds a lot
cook all the veggies in the roux
makin' sure you stir it constantly

Add stock from the shellfish boil
with Tobasco an' ground red pepper
throw in a lot of cooked picked crabmeat
stir the concoction through and through

Cook it all for about an hour or so
then toss in lots an' lots of shrimp
simmer the mess for a coupl'a minutes
And serve that fine gumbo over rice

D'at's how I make a seafood gumbo
it's a taste treat that's very, very good
a cold beer with this Cajun repast
will make the evening meal perfect


What I found

Me, I haven't lost a gol durned thing
In fact I've found a nearly perfect world
But, the fact that world is on an island
Means that all could be gone tomorrow

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